I gave my Friend as a Gift to My Boyfriend to chop because his drive was too sweet – Lady reveals

Efya Nocturnal, Ghana’s outstanding female vocalist and award-winning songstress, took to social media to engage and interact with her audience.

She challenged her female followers to share the most outrageous and crazy things they have ever done for their male partners as a result of their outstanding playmaking abilities in the romantic affairs committee.

Adyoa’s response to the singer’s question stunned many people and earned her some praise from men on social media simply because she chose to honor her fiance with her friend. In other words, she gave her best friend out to her boyfriend for a one night stand

Furthermore, she provided her boyfriend with a new experience and playmate, which is extremely unusual for an African lady to even consider. Among many other accolades, social media users referred to her as “wife material.”

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