I Felt Rejected In My Early Stage Of Acting – Prince David Osei Reveals

– Prince David Osei’s early struggles in the movie industry
– Backstabbing and hatred from some industry people
– Ivan Quashigah’s support and other producers’ attempts to derail his efforts
– Feeling unwanted and facing victimization
– Mockery and challenges on set
– Advice for aspiring actors

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Prince David Osei: The Untold Story of Struggles in the Movie Industry

Have you ever felt unwanted? That’s exactly how Ghanaian actor, Prince David Osei, felt during the early stages of his career in the movie industry. In a recent revelation, he opened up about the backstabbing and hatred he faced from some people in the industry. But amidst the challenges, he found solace in the belief of one person – Ivan Quashigah, who stood by him when other film producers tried to derail his efforts.

Speaking at the third edition of the Graphic Showbiz Forum on July 25, Prince David Osei shared his experiences in a candid and heartfelt manner. He revealed, “There was this feeling like ‘Where is he coming from?’ I felt that bad energy, but all the victimization kept me going.”

One particular incident that stood out was when he got cast for the movie “The Dead.” Instead of receiving praise and encouragement, people made a mockery of him. It was disheartening, to say the least. Prince David Osei’s determination was put to the test when he faced constant challenges on set. Sometimes, he wasn’t given enough room to showcase his talent, and there were instances when he was criticized for wearing something “too nice.”

The struggles didn’t end there. Prince David Osei and Martha Ankomah faced a setback when their movies stopped selling at Opera Square. It seemed like the industry was turning its back on them. But they didn’t give up. They persevered through the tough times, knowing that success comes to those who refuse to be deterred.

In light of his experiences, Prince David Osei had some valuable advice for aspiring actors. He emphasized the importance of attracting people and not giving up when faced with individuals who may try to sabotage their journey in the industry.

In conclusion, Prince David Osei’s story is a testament to the resilience and determination required to succeed in the movie industry. Despite feeling unwanted and facing numerous challenges, he refused to let the negativity consume him. Instead, he used it as fuel to propel himself forward, ultimately carving a path of success for himself. So, to all the aspiring actors out there, remember Prince David Osei’s story and stay strong in the face of adversity.

I Felt Rejected In My Early Stage Of Acting – Prince David Osei Reveals


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