I exclusively told a media outlet about my divorce to protect my ex-wife – Kwaku Manu reveals In new Interview

– Kwaku Manu reveals his decision to give an exclusive interview to protect his ex-wife’s well-being
– He explains that he called the media to do an article on their divorce for her sake
– Manu expresses his respect and regard for his former spouse, emphasizing her importance as the mother of his children
– He discloses his reasons for publicly sharing the news, including the potential risks of rumors and gossip on social media
– Manu highlights the strong bond between their first child and his ex-wife, aiming to protect her from false accusations of infidelity.

Kwaku Manu’s Heartfelt Decision to Safeguard His Ex-Wife’s Well-Being

In a recent video shared by popular YouTuber Hello Frank, Ghanaian actor, and comedian Kwaku Manu opened up about his divorce and revealed the real reason behind his decision to give an exclusive interview to a media outlet. As a proficient news writer, I want to share with you the story of Kwaku Manu’s heartfelt revelation and the thought process behind his actions.

When Kwaku Manu and his wife separated, he took it upon himself to call the media and have an article published about their divorce. But why did he do this? It wasn’t for his own benefit, but rather for the well-being of his ex-wife. Despite their separation, Manu holds deep respect and regard for his former spouse, recognizing her as a human being with feelings. He made it clear that she is the mother of his children, and any insults or judgments towards her would hurt him deeply.

One might wonder why Kwaku Manu chose to disclose their divorce publicly. The answer lies in his concern over the potential risks of rumors and gossip spreading on social media. By proactively sharing the news, he aimed to protect his ex-wife’s reputation and ensure her freedom to move on and find happiness with someone else without facing unnecessary scrutiny or judgment. He didn’t want her to be subjected to false accusations or assumptions if anyone were to see her with another man.

Kwaku Manu also emphasized the strong bond and resemblance between their first child and his ex-wife. Every time he sees his child, he is reminded of her, from their height to their face and everything in between. To protect his ex-wife from any accusations of infidelity, he wanted to ensure that if anyone were to see her with another man, they would already be aware of their separation and not jump to false conclusions.

In conclusion, Kwaku Manu’s decision to give an exclusive interview was driven by his love and respect for his ex-wife. By sharing the news of their divorce publicly, he aimed to shield her from the potential harm of rumors and gossip, allowing her the freedom to find happiness without unnecessary scrutiny. His actions exemplify a deep understanding of the importance of safeguarding the well-being of loved ones, even after separation.

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