“I can’t forgive myself for her murder.” – Lilian Dedjoe’s brother-in-law[audio]

Victor Dedjoe, a brother of Prince Charles Dedjoe, the businessman under police investigation for the suspected murder of his wife, Lilian Dedjoe says he can’t forgive himself.

Mr Dedjoe, who introduced himself as the deceased’s confidant, said he was privy to every aspect of the marriage, including its highs and lows.

“She calls me all the time to tell me what’s going on at their house. She told me of an incident in which her husband struck her with his slippers.

Dr. Dedjoe claims Lilian once seized her husband’s pistol and it took him to persuade her to return it to him.

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“I can’t forgive myself, because I feel bad that I should have found Lilian a psychiatrist to talk to her through her problems and I could tell she was depressed.

Dr. Dedjoe claimed that he strongly supports justice being done, noting that if his brother is found guilty, so be it; if not, so be it.

Madam Lillian Dodjoe is said to have died on Saturday, March 6, 2021, in conditions that are under investigation by the police.

As inquiries begin, Lilian’s husband, Prince Charles Dedjoe, has been remanded by a Madina District Court.

listen to the audio below.

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