I can date a guy who lives his wife but I can’t date a guy who stays with his mother – Lady says as she shakes her baka in this video

– Living with your mother in your thirties is considered inappropriate
– Having a mother around while dating can be off-putting and intrusive
– Emotional and practical dependence on mother leads to being a “mama’s boy”
– Self-reliance and the ability to provide for oneself are important in a partner

Living with Your Mother in Your Thirties: Is it Really Inappropriate?

Living with your mother in your thirties is often frowned upon by society. Many people, including myself, consider it to be inappropriate and a potential hindrance in romantic relationships. The presence of a mother figure can be off-putting and intrusive, making it difficult for a relationship to flourish. It is crucial to choose a partner who is not emotionally or practically dependent on his mother, as this can lead to the undesirable label of a “mama’s boy” – a characteristic that goes against what many of us seek in a partner.

As women, we should assert ourselves and set our own standards when it comes to choosing a partner. Just as men do, we have the right to reject those who do not meet our expectations. Personally, I consider myself a popular “Slay Queen” because I know how to select the perfect man for myself, and that certainly does not include anyone who lives with his mother.

A true man, in my opinion, is someone who is self-reliant and capable of providing for himself and his potential family. Independence and the ability to stand on one’s own feet are qualities that make a man attractive and desirable. We should strive to find someone who embodies these characteristics, as they are crucial for a successful and fulfilling relationship.

In conclusion, living with your mother in your thirties is generally viewed as inappropriate by many, including myself. It can create obstacles in romantic relationships and give rise to the unattractive label of a “mama’s boy.” As women, we should assert our standards and choose partners who are self-reliant and capable of providing for themselves and their potential families. By doing so, we can ensure a strong foundation for a happy and fulfilling relationship.

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