“I am sad, many celebrities didn’t attend SDK’s father’s funeral ” – Wode Maya

The funeral for Sdkdele’s father, who was a content creator and comedian, will take place today in Tema.

Given how much content creators and entertainment personalities have been lamenting the lack of local support, one would have assumed they would at the very least support one another in their endeavors.

As noted and revealed by YouTuber Wode Maya, the funeral of SdKdele’s father revealed their attitudes toward one another and exposed their rift.

The popular YouTuber expressed his disappointment at the low turnout of his colleagues at the funeral of the father of one of their own who passed away recently.

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After witnessing firsthand the behavior of Creatives towards one another, Wode Maya took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the subject.

“The Ghanaian creative art players will always complain that Ghanaians do not support them, but I have recently discovered that they do not even support themselves..” he continued.

It was disheartening to see such a small number of fellow creatives attend Uncle Sule’s funeral service. The fact is that it isn’t too late, and we can do better tomorrow.

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