“I am building a house that will be bigger than Jackie Appiah’s house”- King Promise

King Promise, a well-known musician, recently revealed that he is now constructing his own home.

He claims that he is not merely constructing a house, but rather a mansion that will blow people’s minds when they see it.

King Promise, a gifted singer from Ghana, rose to prominence recently after he revealed in a short video clip with Delay that the cost of his accessories is close to fifty thousand dollars.

During an interview with Delay, King Promise made the stunning revelation that he was wearing a watch for $30,000 and a necklace worth $10,000. This came after Delay had asked him to clarify the price of his Bottega shoes, which had gone viral in the past.

The performer did not take advantage of the opportunity to gloat but rather pointed out how pricey his brand is.

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After showing off his muscles and talking about his accomplishments, Delay questioned him whether he has any plans to construct a home for himself.

King Promise disclosed that he is now working on that project and that when Ghanaians see the kind of edifice he is putting up, they will be surprised.

After Delay questioned whether the money spent on his accessories can’t be put into the project, he emphasized that he is not building a typical house. He said that he is putting all of the money into the project.

This indicates that he will continue to waste enormous sums of money on fancy accessories and costumes as he continues to reside in a rented apartment until he finishes building his own house.

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Take a look at the video that has been included below; you may skip ahead to the 15 minutes to hear him speak about the house.