"I almost went mad after my wife died"- Crime Check Foundation CEO reveals

“I almost went mad after my wife died”- Crime Check Foundation CEO reveals

Mr. Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng, executive director of the Crime Check Foundation, has provided a vivid account of how he lost his dearest wife to breast cancer shortly after she received a COVID-19 vaccine jab.
Mr. Kwarteng’s account was given approximately three months after his wife passed away.

According to the leader of the Crime Check Foundation, his life came to a grinding halt when his cheerful wife was unexpectedly diagnosed with breast cancer.

She fought against the disease for the rest of her life till she passed away.

Aside from the trauma of seeing his wife suffer in front of his eyes, Ibrahim found out that he had to pay for all of the above treatments with his entire life savings in a Turkish hospital that charged between $500 and $800 per day.

“It’s sad and heartbreaking that a woman I’ve spent 20 years with suddenly died and was been thrown away just like that. My wife is someone who stays out of trouble, she’s got no friends. She fell ill but the most painful part is, it all happened suddenly. For the past twenty years we were married she never visited the hospital or complained of any form is sickness.”

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“She went in for a COVID vaccine and after that, she started complaining of pain and discomfort in her breast. She went to the hospital and it was detected that she had breast cancer. She was required to undergo eight sessions of chemotherapy. The pain and suffering that the procedure put her through was not easy. Then she was required to go through radiotherapy afterward, but we flew her to Turkey for that.

“She went through 25 sessions of radiotherapy. Also, cancer spread into her armpit and affected her lymph nodes, so they had to operate on her and take out ten of the nodes that were affected. Prior to that, she had to go through physiotherapy 15 solid times. After that, she gave up and said she won’t continue. Later, it was detected that her oxygen level had dropped and her lungs were filled with water. I was going mad. I really felt like I was going mad. Then we were admitted into a ward that charges $500 a day,” he added.

“Not long after the nurses rushed to the ward and transferred her to the ICU department where we were being charged $800 a day. She was placed on life support and things ended up getting worse. Suddenly it looked like she got better again but that didn’t last. She was placed on life support for the second time and the doctors requested my consent to insert some tubes all over her body. I went back to the hotel and I received a call from the hospital to quickly rush there. I got there only for me to be told that they tried their best but my wife couldn’t make it,” he said.