How I met my late husband, TB Josua – Wife of late pastor reveals

T.B. Joshua, the late televangelist and controversial prophet who founded the Synagogue Church Of All Nations, is still mourned across the world (SCOAN). He died on June 5, 2021, just than a week before his 58th birthday.

He was survived by his wife and three children. Evelyn Joshua, his lovely and modest widow, is his sole survivor. Evelyn Joshua, who is she? What country is she from? How did she meet her late spouse and where did she meet him?

The attractive, modest, and down-to-earth wife of late Prophet T.B. Joshua has been an enormous power behind the mysterious prophet and the success story of his ministry, according to City People’s research. Their first meeting took place in 1990. She joined him long before SCOAN grew into the colossal and thriving ministry it is today. After her husband, she is said to be the second most powerful person in the ministry. She counsels and meets with those who are unable to meet with the prophet. She also preaches at the church on rare occasions.

Evelyn started school in Ezi Town, Delta State, Nigeria, at St Emecheta Primary School. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Akabude raised her in Okala Okpumo, Delta State, Nigeria, on December 17, 1968. As a result, Evelyn Joshua will be fifty-two years old in June 2021. Evelyn had a twin brother, but he died before his time. She moved to Lagos in 1977 and enrolled at Orile Primary School before continuing on to secondary school. She got a job at the Nigerian Distilleries in Ota, Ogun State, after graduation.

In 1990, her and her husband’s paths crossed. Meeting his wife, according to the late man of God, was orchestrated by heavenly force, and he proposed to her the same day he saw her. Evelyn was concerned about the unexpected marriage proposal, but she accepted it and the couple married for thirty years until the man of God died on June 5, 2021. Due to cultural differences, their marriage experienced several difficulties, but by God’s grace, they were able to overcome them. According to the wife, the man of God proposed to her 45 minutes after they met, according to an interview she gave years ago. That may sound weird, but it is correct.

“Twenty-three years ago, I went to see a sister somewhere in Ikotun-Egbe, and they were talking about a specific man, a prophet to be precise,” she says. To be more specific, it was a meeting. And it seemed like everyone in the room, or at least half of the people in the room, had paid him a visit.”

“As a result, they were praising him a great deal. I was overjoyed. At the conclusion of it all, I went outside and asked a sister if she might take me to the prophet. I did not beg to go there because I was curious. At the moment, I was in desperate need of a guide.”

The interviewer inquired if she had previously told the prophet anything about herself, to which she replied that she had not.

“No, we were just staring at each other until he wrote my name on the piece of paper one at a time. As a result, we began to converse. He told me a lot about myself, both things I already knew and things I did not know. I was taken aback. He informed me about my family, as well as my past, present, and future. We spent around 45 minutes in total. ‘Joo ma binu o,’ he remarked to me at the end of the whole affair in Yoruba. Ma ro pe bi mo se nba gbogbo eniyan ti o ba wa s’odo mi soro ni eleyi o ma ro pe bi mo se nba gbogbo eniyan ti o Mi o ni ale, mi o ni ale, mi o ni ale, mi o ni ale, mi o ni ale, mi o n (Transliterated, this means: Please do not get irritated.) Sugbon, se oo fe mi? This is not how I speak to everyone that comes to me. I do not have a concubine and have no desire to acquire one. Can you, however, marry me?)’

“Exactly like that. It seemed weird, yet it explains why the Spirit testifies with our spirit that we are God’s offspring, according to the Bible. That, I believe, was the end of it. That is how I first met him. I asked him why he felt it was okay to see a lady for the first time and then propose to her a few months later. He claimed to have seen me four days before to that day.”

Pastor TB Joshua and Evelyn Joshua have three children, two of whom have gained notoriety as a result of their marriage. TB Joshua’s wife claims that her husband has never been concerned about the gender of their children, despite the fact that male children receive more attention.

Serah, the eldest of the three girls, graduated from the London School of Economics with a law degree and is presently working on her PhD. In December of 2015, she was accepted to the Nigerian bar as a legal practitioner. In 2021, Serah married a Tanzanian guy in Arusha, Tanzania. Promise is an international relations and politics student at the London School of Economics. Promise is pursuing a master’s degree at the moment. Evelyn’s youngest kid recently completed her secondary studies.

Evelyn, clearly bereft, expressed her grief over her husband through a Twitter message. “Losing a loved one is never easy; whether unexpected or anticipated, it is always heartbreaking. Grief may have a negative impact on our entire health. That is why it is critical to have a strong faith in the Almighty. Only He can ease our pain and provide consolation in these trying times. Seek solace from Him.

Throughout their marriage and ministry, Evelyn Joshua has been a strong supporter of her husband. Despite their difficulties, they have managed to keep the ministry running since its inception. In the meanwhile, the ministry has paid homage to the late televangelist.

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