Here Is What Diana Asamoah Said About Efia Odo's New Song - Video

Here Is What Diana Asamoah Said About Efia Odo’s New Song – Video

Diana Asamoah, a gospel musician, has revealed the reason that she awkwardly stirred at Efia Odo, while she was performing her debut single in the studio of United Showbiz.

Every year on January 1, Despite Media hosts its “yearly entertainment show,” which features performances by the most well-known celebrities and is intended to entertain viewers.

Efia Odo, Akwaesi Akrobeto, Don Little, and Diana Asamoah were observed on set reading the English dailies in the early hours of the previous day.

However, when it came time for Efia Odo to speak about her newly released song, there was awkward friction between her and the gospel artist Diana Asamoah.

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Diana Asamoah gave Efia Odo an awkward look during the performance of her song, which resulted in a significant number of people laughing out loud on social media.

The gospel singer said that she did not understand anything that was being said in the song, which is why she gave that awkward look to the audience.

Watch the video below.