"Going to school is fast becoming useless"- Kumawood actor Sean Paul

“Going to school is fast becoming useless”- Kumawood actor Sean Paul

Sean Paul, a Kumawood actor, does not believe in the value of education.

In an interview with ZionFelix, the actor stated that he despises school.

He believes that going to school is a waste of time.

Sean Paul explained that some people have attended school but are now working for someone who did not attend school.

He emphasized that going to school does not guarantee success in life.

The well-known actor blamed Ghana’s problems on bad leadership.

According to him, there is someone who can transform Ghana’s fortunes, but that person will not be given a chance if he has never attended school.

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Sean Paul went on to say how Ghanaians are suffering despite the country’s abundant natural resources.

Below is the complete interview.