Godpapa The Greatest and Empress Lupita drops first Video after police release – Watch

Following their release from police prison, Godpapa The Greatest and Empress Lupita, the once-pinned mentally challenged social media pair, have made a successful return to the online world.

The couple, who are recognized for their unusual social media presence, were arrested a few months ago for their alleged role in the unfortunate murder of their son, El-Shaa.

The plot thickened when the couple’s second son, El Waa, went viral in a Facebook video accusing his mother, Empress Lupita, of poisoning his younger brother, El-Shaa.

The disturbing news rapidly went viral, sparking public outrage and requests for police to investigate Empress Lupita and God Papa The Greatest.

In response to mounting public concern, the authorities launched an investigation and later arrested Godpapa The Greatest and Empress Lupita.

The pair was detained for a lengthy amount of time before being moved to a psychiatric hospital for further evaluation and assessment.

Godpapa The Greatest and Empress Lupita have been released after months of intensive interrogation and detention.

Their return to the internet world was signaled with a TikTok video in which they declared their return.

The video not only stunned their devoted fans, but it also drew substantial attention from the wider public.

Godpapa The Greatest and Empress Lupita shared a passionate kiss in a TikTok video, showing their unity and resilience in the face of adversity.

It was a heartwarming moment that highlighted their willingness to move on and rebuild their lives following their trauma.

The couple’s comeback to social media has elicited a range of reactions from their fans and the larger internet community.

Some have expressed satisfaction at their release, while others remain skeptical of the case’s circumstances.

Watch the video below;

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