“Giving your fans credit to vote for you to win awards is useless”- Kofi Kinaata.

Musician Kofi Kinaata has shared his view on a popular trend among Ghanaian celebrities, where they buy airtime for fans to vote for them in order to win an award.

According to Kinaata in an interview with Amansa Krakye, such acts are meaningless.

he said this.

“Giving or sharing airtime to your fans to vote in awards won’t let you know your true fans. Then why not you using the airtime to vote for yourself instead? It defies logic and it won’t let you know your support base.

“What’s the essence of having fans? When you get nomination for awards, it’s the fans who vote with their own airtime to prove their support for you.

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“As for the fans we do a lot of things for them aside entertainment. We do things that are necessary.

“We don’t only ensure their happiness during sad moments but the songs we do also provide a lot of emotional support for them.

“But sometimes when you don’t put physical money into a black man’s pocket, he doesn’t remember what you’ve done for them.

“Personally, I don’t like doing something for people just for someone to applaud me or for the camera’s sake”. he added