Ghanaian man catches his wife sleeping with a UK borga she introduced as friend – Watch Video

A Ghanaian man has caught his wife red-handed sleeping with another man.

The distressed husband has resorted to Oyerepa FM’s Oyerepa Afutuo show in an effort to find comfort and support.

The terrifying tale revealed a labyrinth of deceit, secret relationships, and a sad realization that ruined a marriage’s trust.

The angry husband said that his wife had introduced him to a “borga,” or a guy from the UK, as a friend.

He had no idea that this alleged relationship would turn into a string of covert meetings.

In order to hide their relationship’s actual nature, the wife started going to the UK Borga’s home under the guise of having casual discussions.

When a neighbor informed the guy of rumors about his wife’s contact with the UK borga, the man’s suspicions were aroused.

He made the decision to carefully observe their interactions as a result of a mixture of doubt and trepidation.

Unfortunately, he unexpectedly learned that his wife and the suspected UK borga were deeply linked, which reinforced his worst suspicions.

Watch the video below;

nana Afia

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