Former Slay Queen Reveals How She went for a snake to attract Ministers And More…

Former slay queen, Sandra
Queen Sandra was a big-time Slay queen who went for evil spirits to attract her subjects but has retired and given her life to God.

She has shared the story of her old life in an interview with Bongo Depharaa on Okay FM’s Ekwansodwoodwoo show,  hoping to advise young girls out there.

Narrating her story, She disclosed that she slept with over 5000 men using black magic on all of them to get what she wants – revealing that she had most of her intimacy at the cemetery.

According to the former slay queen, at a point, she went for a snake to out inside her Tonga to be able to sleep with Ministers and powerful men who can give her lots of money.

She revealed that most slay Queens out there have “secret weapons” (Charm) they use in charming rich men into sleeping with them which gets these men going extra miles in getting whatever they ask.

“There are some ladies who will soak their used sanitary pads in a container for three days and use it to prepare food for the men who visit them,” Sandra revealed. “This makes men stay longer with them. The ladies also get the chance to manipulate them and drain them of all their money.”

She went ahead to advise men to always stick to their wives. — watch the interview below;

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