"Your Ex should never be your friend, Block them"- Rev Eastwood Anaba

“Your Ex should never be your friend, Block them”- Rev Eastwood Anaba

Rev. Eastwood Anaba, a Ghanaian preacher of the global gospel, recently posted a very contentious piece of advice online that has sparked strong reactions from social media users.

The revered man of God counseled against ever getting in touch with an ex-lover because it would endanger their current relationship.

Speaking to his congregation, Rev. Eastwood Anaba advised men and women to avoid their ex-spouses because they might still harbor sexual impulses for them even though they are no longer together, which could endanger their marriages if they are already wed.

Many social media users who fervently believe that ex-lovers aren’t enemies have countered this advise from Rev. Eastwood Anaba.

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Persons who strongly disagree with Rev. Eastwood Anaba’s counsel claim that maintaining relationships with one’s ex-lover is acceptable because they are still fallible people who make errors.

Some people have even discussed their own personal situations in which their ex-partners significantly aided them in some way simply because they stayed in touch with them.

Others have backed Rev. Eastwood Anaba for stating the gospel truth about some ex-lovers being the incarnate demon.