Father Slaps Son for ‘Stealing’ His Car To Take Girlfriend Out (watch video)

Father Slaps Son for ‘Stealing’ His Car To Take Girlfriend Out (watch video)

A video posted online shows the moment a Ghanaian father publicly shamed his son for “stealing” his car to pick up the girl he was seeing.

The father was observed chastising his son for the wrongdoing, and his anger only escalated when the son showed no sign of genuine remorse.

After trying to reason with his father, the youngster got to experience the man’s dark side. A slap from the man’s left hand was followed by a slap from his right.

The situation began when the boy, who had was supposed to be in school, returned to his family’s house in order to steal one of his parents’ cars. His aim was to take Juliana to Lost Lands once she completed her extra classes so they could have fun.

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Unfortunately, his parents got back to the house before he did, and t hey immediately went to the police station to report the incident, prompting further inquiry.

Later in the day, they found out that their son had driven the car, picking up a young girl named Juliana to take her to Presec for extra classes.

watch the video below: