"Everything about me is expensive"- Bobrisky

“Everything about me is expensive”- Bobrisky

Nigerian crossdresser Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju, who now goes by the name Bobrisky, brags about how rich she lives.

Bob Risky asserted that because of her pricey brand, everything about her was extremely expensive. She admitted to spending N200,000 on her nails alone.

Bob now dresses and acts like a woman, including wearing makeup and fake nails.

She revealed this to her followers during an Instagram live. The shocked spectators couldn’t hold back their emotions.

“Fake like has ended this guy’s life,” yelled Luchy Adebayo. Loveli Leo agrees that anyone who accepts everything Bob says is merely an idiot.

While in Ghana last month, Bobrisky had plans to charge GH25k for advertisements. Unfortunately, she didn’t get the results she had hoped for.

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A few days after tearfully regretting how she had not enjoyed her time in Ghana, she fled back to Nigeria.