“My wife left me with our sick son when I needed her the most”- Man shares sad story

This is the story of Vincent, a guy who lives alone with his sick and dying baby after his wife abandoned them. Since he has no one to support him, Vincent has assumed all wife obligations.

His son is named Noah, and he appears to be nearing the end of his life. His father spends every penny he has on drugs to prolong his son’s life. Life has been so difficult he can not even afford shoes.

No one else on the planet, Vincent claims, has it as bad as he does.

He said he was ready for marriage a few years ago when he met a young lady who shared his interests. Vincent wished to spend the rest of his life with her.

In the eyes of Vincent, what they had was enough because he had a job that let him earn money for home upkeep.

Vincent and his wife decided to conceive a baby a few months later. She became pregnant, and the couple longed to hold their first child. His wife, like other expectant mothers, had frequent medical check-ups, but labor was not easy for her. But she eventually gave birth to a lovely baby boy.

He felt that was their relationship’s best feature. They brought their baby home and began caring for it as any parent would. Visiting their infant was always a joyous occasion.

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This did not endure long. Months after birth, the baby’s head swelled up. They assumed the infant had struck its head on something, but that was not the case.

The baby’s side continued to grow, so they took him to the doctor, who inspected him. The doctor told them their son had hydrocephalus and that treating it would be difficult and costly.

Hydrocephalus is the buildup of fluid in the brain’s chambers or ventricles. As the ventricles enlarge, pressure builds on the brain, causing the head to swell. It usually affects infants and is exceedingly expensive to treat. The only method to preserve their baby’s life was to surgically put a tube or shunt into the brain or ventricle.

Vincent and his wife returned home stunned by their only son’s condition. They looked for every feasible means to pay for the procedure. But subsequently had an idea. Vincent sold his house, his cattle, and his bicycle to generate money for their son’s surgery at the hospital.

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When his wife saw what was going on, she moved away, changed her phone number, and abandoned her husband and dying son. Vincent said she left a message that said,

“Honestly, I’m sorry I had to do this, but I couldn’t sit by and watch our son die. Since you and I cannot afford the hospital’s fees, I have decided to leave and establish my own life.”

He was stunned and helpless. He carried the small sum to the hospital and appealed with the physicians. Doctors agreed with him and performed the procedure. They were hospitalized for 6 months and had surgery.

They had to return home but were homeless. Luckily, he was granted a place to stay and was assigned to care for the local livestock. He is been residing there for four years.

Astonishingly, God being so gracious, his son is still alive and is now 4 years old. His son is disabled and cannot care for himself, so his father bathes, feeds, and looks after him because no one else can.

But he must also care for the nearby livestock in order to live there. He digs for his village’s residents to buy food and medicine for his child.

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