"Dr likee saved me, I use to sell movie CDs to make ends meet"- Kyekyeku

“Dr likee saved me, I use to sell movie CDs to make ends meet”- Kyekyeku

Kyekyeku, a humorous performer from Ghana, has provided a detailed narrative of how he first met Dr. Likee and Akabenezer, his boss.

Following their tremendous success on the Youtube platform with their comedic skits, the rapidly growing actor is one of the most talked-about in recent times.

Kyekyeku admitted that growing up was really difficult for him because he came from a poor family in a recent conversation with Kwaku Manu.

The Kyekyeku claimed that he had a difficult time going to school because his family was unable to cover the costs at the time.

In order to supplement his income for food, he said, there were occasions when he had to sell DVDs.

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Nevertheless, it took some time before he finally had the chance to do something, and that is when things began to shift.

Since there was no other option for him to combine acting with schooling, Kyekyeku’s decision to pursue an acting career led him to decide to enroll as a day student in his senior high school.

In the midst of all these battles, Akabenezer, his “savior,” appeared.

Even though he is essentially a nobody, the humorous actor praised Akabenezer for helping him become one of the celebrities most Ghanaians enjoy watching on their televisions today.

For more, see the interview below.

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