Daughter of Adom TV’s Afia Amankwaah Tamakloe Sweeps 11 Awards During Speech And Prize Giving Day In School

– Afia Amankwaah Tamakloe’s daughter, Laureen, wins 11 awards at North Hills School Speech and Prize Giving Day
-: North Hill School’s end-of-year speech and prize-giving day
– Winning 11 awards and being the overall best student in her class
–  Afia Amankwaah Tamakloe congratulates her daughter on stage
–  Highlighting the success and pride of Afia Amankwaah Tamakloe as a mother

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Media Personality’s Daughter Shines Bright: Proud Mom Congratulates Her at School Event

Afia Amankwaah Tamakloe, a well-known media personality, had every reason to beam with pride recently as her daughter, Laureen Tamakloe, achieved outstanding success at the North Hills School Speech and Prize Giving Day. The event, which took place on Friday, July 7th, celebrated the achievements of exceptional students who had demonstrated remarkable dedication and excellence throughout the academic year.

Laureen’s accomplishments were nothing short of remarkable, as she walked away with a staggering 11 awards. Not only that but she was also recognized as the overall best student in her class, a testament to her hard work and commitment to her studies. As the video of the event circulated on social media, it was evident that Laureen’s achievements were a source of immense joy and pride for her mother.

In the heartwarming video, Afia Amankwaah Tamakloe can be seen making her way toward the stage, filled with anticipation and excitement for her daughter’s moment of recognition. As Laureen’s name is called out for one of her awards, Afia Amankwaah Tamakloe affectionately pecks her daughter and warmly congratulates her on her remarkable accomplishments.

The bond between a mother and her child is a beautiful and powerful one, and Afia Amankwaah Tamakloe’s heartfelt display of support and pride for her daughter serves as a reminder of the immense joy that comes with witnessing our loved ones succeed. Laureen’s achievements not only reflect her own dedication and hard work but also speak volumes about the love, guidance, and support she receives from her mother.

In conclusion, the North Hills School Speech and Prize Giving Day was a momentous occasion for Afia Amankwaah Tamakloe and her daughter, Laureen. With 11 awards to her name and the title of overall best student in her class, Laureen’s achievements were truly exceptional. Afia Amankwaah Tamakloe’s visible pride and joy for her daughter remind us of the incredible bond shared between a mother and her child, as well as the immeasurable happiness that comes from witnessing our loved ones flourish.

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