Church business is one of the simple ways of making more money – Nana Agradaa confesses in new video (Watch)

In a shocking turn of events, pastors in Ghana have reached a level of audacity that is truly astounding. Reverend Obofour, in a recent viral video, openly confessed to scamming his followers for financial gain.

Gone are the days when pastors vehemently denied profiting from church funds, claiming it was solely for the advancement of God’s work. Now, they no longer feel the need to pretend. They are fully aware that regardless of their actions, people will continue to pour money into their pockets.

Shortly after Obofour’s confession, another pastor named Nana Agradaa joined in, revealing how effortless it is to amass wealth by running a church.

According to Agradaa, just the consultation fees alone can sustain a pastor financially. Shockingly, she expressed delight in taking advantage of people’s money, seemingly unaffected by the potential consequences.

One would assume that such revelations would deter people from attending her church, but it appears that pastors have become invincible in the eyes of their followers.

This new era of pastors openly discussing their fraudulent practices has thrust the religious community in Ghana into the twilight zone.

The shame that once accompanied such actions has now dissipated, and these pastors no longer feel the need to hide their true intentions. They have become so confident in their immunity from repercussions that they brazenly admit to exploiting their congregants.

Watch Agradaa’s video below;


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