Cheating Ghanaian wife exposed by boyfriend’s family on live radio (Video)

Cheating Ghanaian wife exposed by boyfriend’s family on live radio (Video)

Sara Kyerewaa, a resident of Atimatim in the Kwabre East Municipal of the Ashanti region, who has been seeking a piece of her husband’s property, was revealed by her boyfriend’s family.

On Thursday, Sara Kyerewaa went on Oyerepa Afutuo and accused her husband, George Opoku, of marrying another woman.

During the episode, she stated that she aided her husband on all levels in the construction of two houses and that if he is cheating on her, she wants a piece of the property.

“I got married to George Opoku for 8 years. We have built two houses but he has left for another woman so I am demanding my share of the property.” Sara told Aunty Naa host of the show.

George Opoku, who also appeared on the show, said that Sara cheated on him and that she left the marriage due to her late boyfriend (Richard), who had traveled from overseas.

“My wife (Sara Kyerewaa) returned my Schnapp to me as customs demands and left the marriage. Is almost 5 years. I opened an electrical shop worth GHc 80,000 as compensation but she squandered the money and collapsed the business,” George revealed.

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George went on to say that his wife wants to reclaim a house she never paid for since her boga fiancé died.

Sara, on the other hand, denied cheating on her husband.

“I’ve never dated any ‘Boga’, he was just a friend who always comes to my shop. I had nothing sexually with him. Sara vehemently denied it.

Unfortunately for Sara, her late boyfriend’s younger brother walked into the studio and refuted Sara’s claims of not dating his late brother.

According to the young man, Sara dated his late brother and was involved in all of the funeral plans for his late brother.

“I work at Adum here, My mother called me to come to Oyerepa because sister Sara is here. I know sister Sara, she dated my late brother (Richard). She was with the family till the burial of my late brother,” he disclosed.

Sara came to them (her late fiancé’s family) and said that their brother owed her money, according to the young guy. They have received Ghc2000 as a result of it. He claims Sara’s family is unaware she is married.

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Sara then humiliatingly admitted on the TV that she dated the late boga (Richard)

“Aunty Naa, is true I dated the boga but initially I was shy to say it. I’m sorry for lying to you..forgive me” Sarah shamefully pleaded.

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