Catholic priest dies in a hotel after spending the night with his girlfriend

–  Death of a Catholic priest in Murang’a after a night with his girlfriend
– Investigation launched into the cause of death
– Priest’s stay at Monalisa Hotel with girlfriend
– Priest fell sick the following morning and was taken to Kenol Hospital
– Body found in the back of the car, half-covered with a blanket
– Priest’s girlfriend confesses to having a six-year affair with him
– Suspected cause of death: heart attack
– Body transported to Mater Hospital mortuary in Nairobi for autopsy

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Catholic Priest Dies After Night with Girlfriend in Murang’a

A shocking incident occurred in Murang’a, as a Catholic priest, Fr Joseph Kariuki Wanjiku, was found dead after spending a night with his girlfriend. The unfortunate event has prompted detectives to initiate investigations into the death of the 43-year-old priest, who served at St Peter’s Parish in Ruai within the Archdiocese of Nairobi.

According to police reports, Fr Kariuki had checked into Monalisa Hotel in Murang’a county on Friday, accompanied by his girlfriend. The couple enjoyed a meal of chicken and indulged in some liquor before retiring for the night. Tragically, the following morning, the priest fell unconscious and later passed away.

The woman said to be 32 years old and Fr Kariuki’s girlfriend of six years, immediately informed the hotel management about the priest’s deteriorating condition. Concerned, the staff covered him with a blanket, and placed him in his car, rushing him to Kenol Hospital. Sadly, Fr Kariuki was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Distressed by the situation, the woman, accompanied by several hotel workers, proceeded to the Samuru police post to report the incident and provide a statement. Authorities discovered the priest’s body in the back of the vehicle, partially covered by a blanket. Notably, the body exhibited foam coming out of the mouth, indicating a possible heart attack.

To ensure proper procedures were followed, the police arranged for the body to be transported to Nairobi, accompanied by officers, as priests’ bodies cannot be preserved in regular mortuaries. Meanwhile, investigations into the cause of Fr Kariuki’s death have commenced. During the initial interviews, the priest’s companion revealed their six-year affair.

Fr Kariuki, in addition to his priestly duties, was also a farmer in the Mang’u area, where his girlfriend worked alongside him. Murang’a County police commander Kainga Mathieu noted that the body showed signs of white foam oozing from the mouth and nose when the police arrived at the scene.

In conclusion, the sudden death of Fr. Joseph Kariuki Wanjiku has left the community and authorities in shock. While the suspected cause of death is a heart attack, further investigation and an autopsy will provide more clarity. The circumstances surrounding the priest’s stay at the hotel and the revelation of the long-term affair have added to the tragic nature of the incident.


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