Broken-hearted fetish priest butcher ex-girlfriend who is preparing to marry another man

Togbe Gadefia, a bitter and jealous fetish priest, couldn’t stand the thought of his ex-girlfriend marrying another guy, so he attacked her and inflicted life-threatening knife cuts on her.

The gory incident occurred in the Eastern district of Asamankese, and the victim is currently hospitalized, while the assailant handed himself in to authorities.

Rakia and Togbe Gadefia, both 25, were lovers until she broke their relationship so she could marry a Muslim.

The betrayed man, who lives in the Asamankese district of Krofoforomu, was devastated and tried everything she could to win her sweetheart back.

He ambushed her with a machete on September 11, 2023, about 9:00 p.m., after learning that the ex-lover was marrying another guy this weekend.

Gadefia tried to cut off the victim’s skull, but her hand stopped her, requiring the amputation of her forearm.

The perpetrator also used the machete to sever the ex-girlfriend’s patella (kneecap) before departing the scene.

A bystander reportedly discovered Rakia lying in a pool of blood and took her to the Asamankese government hospital, where she was stabilized before being referred to Koforidua’s Eastern Regional Hospital for surgery.

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