Black Sherif Finally Reacts to Nigel Gaisie’s Death Prophecy In New Video

Black Sherif, an iconic Ghanaian singer, has responded to Prophet Nigel Gaisie’s recent doom prophecy.

Nigel Gaisie, the founder and leader of Prophetic Hill Chapel, recently prophesied about trap artist Black Sherif.

The man of God descended on his Facebook page with a death prediction for rapper Blacko. He revealed that Black Sherif advised him to be cautious and prayed for him, or else something awful would happen to him.

He also mentioned seeing Black Sherif’s mother sobbing over the tragedy.

The disaster might occur between now and December 2023, according to prophet Nigel Gaisie.

In response to the prophecy, Black Sherif stated that, while he is terrified, he feels that being cautious and knowledgeable will save him.

He also mentioned that he prays frequently and that he recounts his day every day.

He prays, chats with his father and mother, and then works, according to Black Sherif. That is his daily regimen.

After some of his admirers inquired about his thoughts on the prophecy, Black Sherif responded in a live video on social media.

Watch the video below;

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