” Been a mother and wife cannot stop me from shining in my Music career”- Becca

Not much have been heard from Becca Ever since she got married and gave birth.

Her song with shatta wale is doing quite well but we all know Becca has lost some vibes in her career after she got settled with her man.

Speaking on the issue, Becca disclosed that her state of been married and been a mother cannot impede her growth in Music.

“Most successful singers after marriage and childbirth relax but not me. I don’t intend to quit music soon for any reason, music is a passion and business. So why would I want to end my passion and business because of marriage.

“Marriage should not end your careers but give you an even deeper reason to strive harder and accomplish the most difficult. I am more determined and motivated than any other time in my life.”

she disclosed to Graphic showbiz.

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