“Becoming first in class does not mean you will be successful”- Kwame Obodie advises his crying son

Kwame Obodie was observed in a video giving guidance to his kid after he failed to top his class after their end-of-term examination.

The son was overcome with emotion as he broke down in tears after receiving his exams reports and presenting them to his father.

The little champion grieved violently after failing to finish first in his class in the exams, but Kwame Obodie consoled him by encouraging him.

The Ghanaian media figure and cum comedy actor stated in the video that being first in class does not guarantee brilliance or success in life.

“See, you don’t have to worry, Being first in class does not guarantee success in life,” he could be heard saying. “Look at me, I had a lot of setbacks but I have been able to make it and that’s why I am able to take care of you”

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“Stop worrying about your grades. You did very well and be happy for the one who also topped the class”

watch the video below: