Beautiful No Make-up Photo of Fatima impresses fans online (photo)

Everyone who watches the date rush show on TV3 will love Fatima in some way or the other.

The show is aimed at helping single people find the love of their lives and it has done well at pairing some iconic couples so far.

Others, however, are not so lucky as they come out of the show empty-handed without a date.

Fatima is one of the prominent and controversial contestants on TV3’s “Date Rush”.

She wowed the crowd and viewers with her dance moves, unique haircut, and overall confidence.

Fatima is again in the spotlight, this time for her no-makeup photographs. The Date Rush star published a first-time no-makeup photo on her Instagram, and her fans adored it.

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Fatima posted the makeup-free photo to Instagram with the caption:

To the youth out there i dedicate this awards to you👊 Never ever give up on yourself talk less of your dreams🙏 @fatima_galsdembossofficial_2 @daterush_melissa @sebastien_daterush @tv3_ghana @onuatv @delayghana @yencomghnews @celebritymakeup_artist #teamfatima #galsdemboss #daterush

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