Archipalago sacked his baby mama and his son from his house all because of his new found girlfriend – Watch Video

Archipalago, a popular entertainer based in the US, has recently found himself embroiled in controversy.

Accusations have surfaced that he threw his baby mama and son out of his house due to his new relationship with a Ghana-based girlfriend known as Sexy Afra. These claims were made by a well-known TikToker, who also resides in the US and has insight into the situation.

According to the TikToker, Archipalago initially deceived his baby mama, stating that he and Sexy Afra were just friends.

However, it was later discovered that they were engaged in a secret intimate affair. This revelation led to a heated argument between Archipalago and his baby mama, resulting in him evicting her from his house and ending their relationship.

It seemed that Archipalago was determined to fully embrace his new life with Sexy Afra.

Interestingly, Archipalago’s arrival in Ghana yesterday has added an intriguing twist to the story. The enigmatic figure, who works as a health assistant in the US, returned to his home country to reunite with his family and loved ones. It remains unclear how this reunion will impact the ongoing drama surrounding his personal life.

Watch the video below;


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