Anita, the alleged Davido baby mama, speaks and claims that Chioma slept with Peruzzi and Davido’s cousin, stating that she is not innocent.

– Introduction to Anita Brown’s allegations against Chioma and Davido
– Anita Brown’s claims about Chioma’s involvement with David’s friends and family
– Anita Brown’s criticism of Chioma’s innocence and her alleged bad behavior
– Anita Brown’s accusations of abuse by Davido towards Chioma
– Conclusion and final thoughts on the ongoing drama between Anita Brown, Chioma, and Davido

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Anita Brown, an American social media influencer who claims to be Davido’s 4th baby mama, has recently turned her attention towards Davido’s fiancée, Chioma. In a series of scathing posts, Brown has alleged that Chioma is far from innocent and has engaged in questionable behavior herself. The ongoing drama between Anita Brown, Chioma, and Davido has captivated social media, leaving fans and followers eager to know more about the latest developments.

According to Anita Brown, Chioma has slept with David’s friends and even some members of his own family. In her relentless attacks, Brown refuses to grant Chioma any excuses or protection, asserting that she is just as guilty as Davido in this regard. These claims have sparked a firestorm of controversy and speculation, with fans divided over who to believe.

Furthermore, Anita Brown has not held back in her criticism of Chioma’s alleged bad girl persona. She has taken to social media to express her disappointment and frustration, claiming that Chioma’s innocent façade is nothing but a charade. Brown’s lengthy rants have shed light on what she perceives as Chioma’s true character, leaving fans questioning the authenticity of the relationship between Chioma and Davido.

In addition to her accusations against Chioma, Anita Brown has also made shocking claims about Davido’s behavior towards his fiancée. She has alleged that Davido has been physically and emotionally abusive towards Chioma, painting a disturbing picture of their relationship. These claims have further fueled the controversy surrounding the couple, with many expressing concern for Chioma’s well-being.

In conclusion, the ongoing drama between Anita Brown, Chioma, and Davido continues to unfold, captivating the attention of fans and followers alike. The allegations made by Anita Brown against Chioma’s innocence and behavior have further intensified the already heated debate. As the saga continues, it remains to be seen how Chioma and Davido will respond to these allegations and whether they will address the concerns raised by Anita Brown. One thing is certain – this drama is far from over, and social media will undoubtedly be abuzz with the latest updates and reactions.


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