Agradaa Flirts with Her Junior Pastor at A Party – Fans React

Mama Pat alias Agradaa, a controversial spiritualist turned pastor, has been spotted in a viral video.

It has been discovered that Agradaa has been flirting with her subordinate pastor, who goes by the name Asiamah.

Recently, the pair attended a get-together together in order to socialize and have a good time.

Agradaa is shown in a video that has gone viral on social media giving a drink to her junior pastor to consume in a jar that looked like a lantern.

Agradaa was feeling particularly romantic, so she offered her junior pastor a sip of the drink she was currently enjoying and then shared it with him.

The video has garnered the attention of users of social media platforms, particularly in light of the fact that Agradaa was previously accused of having an affair with her junior pastor.

This comes after she mentioned that the procedure for getting a divorce was recently finalized, therefore she is now a single lady.

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