“After University and you are still unemployed for two years, throw your cert away and find something to do”- business coach Ekow Eshun

The business coach and entrepreneur, Ekow Eshun, has urged graduates who are out of work to abandon their degrees in favor of learning a trade that will make them money in the future.

Mr Eshun stated in a chit-chat with SVTV Africa’s DJ Nyaami that it will be a waste of time and effort for someone to go through senior high school and university only for their parents to continue to provide for them.

According to him, it is preferable for them to forego their school diplomas in order to pursue a new career path because the government cannot provide them with employment opportunities.

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“Should you have been out of work for more than two years, toss that certificate in the trash and learn something new.” If your mother has a stall in the market, rename it and promote it on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. “It’s possible to make money out of it,” Mr Eshun explained.

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