'Childhood' Photo Of TikTok Star, Jackline Mensah Stirs Online

‘Childhood’ Photo Of TikTok Star, Jackline Mensah Stirs Online

Jackline Mensah, commonly known as the ‘TikTok goddess’ and one of the most followed Ghanaian TikTokers, recently published a picture that has her accounting buzzing.

The photo depicted how the lovely young lady looked as a child. The photo was not colored, yet that did not detract from her cuteness.

Baby Jackline appeared to be a pretty innocent infant with sparkling eyes and afro hair that gave her such an adorable appearance.

At the time of publication, the video had nearly 9,000 likes on Jackline’s verified TikTok handle.

@jackline_mensah That’s one beautiful babe over there🙈🙈#laasu #jackline_mensah #donmama🤑 #tiktokghana🇬🇭 #teamtennie ♬ original sound – 🤍DAYSO LYRICS 🎤

The following are some of the intriguing remarks Ghanaians made in response to Jackline Mensah’s adorable childhood photo.

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Queen Empress said:

wooow most pretty goddess ever

Florence mentioned:

Awwwn this is soo nice

Asong indicated:

de only best gift u can gv me , is to follow dear☺️

Kw3, is that you?!!! You too foine since Infancy