Abass Sariki Slept With You More Than Me – Ex-Girlfriend, Ohemaa Jacky Lashes Out At Ayisha Modi

– Abass Sariki and Ayisha Modi’s failed relationship
– Ayisha Modi tarnishing Abass Sariki’s image on social media
– Ayisha Modi revealing her past relationship with gospel musician Ohemaa Jacky
– Ohemaa Jacky warning Ayisha Modi not to involve her in the beef
– Abass Sariki being caught in the middle of the beef
– Debate over who Abass Sariki used more between Ayisha Modi and Ohemaa Jacky

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Abass Sariki: The Man Caught in the Middle of a Social Media Storm

Abass Sariki, a Chief in Ghana, finds himself in the midst of a trending controversy surrounding his failed relationship with Ayisha Modi. In a recent interview with Sammy Kay, Abass publicly denied his involvement with Ayisha, leading to her tarnishing his image on various social media platforms.

The drama escalated when Ayisha Modi went live on TikTok and confessed to dating gospel musician Ohemaa Jacky, accusing her of extorting money from her and subsequently ending the relationship. Outraged by Ayisha’s claims, Ohemaa Jacky issued a warning, urging Ayisha not to involve her in her ongoing feud.

Ayisha Modi, known for her tenacious nature, refused to back down and continued to fuel the fire by demanding a response from Ohemaa Jacky. As a result, a heated debate ensued, with social media users arguing over whom Abass Sariki had a more significant relationship with between Ayisha Modi and Ohemaa Jacky.

In conclusion, Abass Sariki’s failed relationship with Ayisha Modi has ignited a social media storm. Ayisha’s claims about her past relationship with Ohemaa Jacky have further intensified the controversy. As the online feud continues to unfold, many are left wondering about the true extent of Abass Sariki’s involvement with both women. The drama serves as a reminder of the power of social media in amplifying personal disputes and the potential consequences that can arise from public feuds.


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