Abass Gave Me A House To Stop Fighting On Social Media But I Couldn’t Stop – Ayisha Modi

Ayisha Modi has revealed that her ex-boyfriend, Abass, made a promise to buy her a property in exchange for her agreeing not to engage in public feuds with other celebrities on social media.

Ayisha Modi expressed her distaste for being wrongfully accused during an interview. She stated that because of this, whenever someone on social media attacked her, she would always find a way to respond in order to clear her name.

A few weeks earlier, Abass made it abundantly clear that he had nothing to do with Ayisha Modi by declaring, “I have nothing to do with her.”

As a well-known land guard in Accra in the past, Abass Sariki is considered to be one of the most influential people in the city when it comes to resolving disagreements over land ownership. However, he is not very active on social media. Now, he is famous throughout Sowutuom for his success as a business magnate, a real estate developer, and a chief.

Ayisha Modi has, over the course of several years, boasted an uncountable number of times about her relationship with Abass Sariki. Additionally, she asserted that Abass Sariki had made a marriage proposal to her.

However, in a recent turn of events, Abass revealed that he and Ayisha Modi had never had a romantic involvement with one another.

“Neither one of us has ever been in a committed relationship. Ayisha is not only a close friend but also a sister. She is not the woman I will marry! This is a problem that breaks my heart! The stunning thing that Abass Sariki said was, “I can never marry her, and it’s time for her to get that idea out of her head.”

He went on to say this in an interview with Daily View GH: “Maybe she likes me, and that’s why she continues mentioning my name. If she develops feelings for me, she should write them down in a Bible and pray over them, because if she does that, even God won’t let it happen. In any case, she ought to refrain from bringing up my name. If she is depressed, then I must be really insane. Tell her that she shouldn’t test me. I need to direct my attention to other matters of significance. She continues to make me look foolish. Including my name in your sentence”

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