4 girls in Legon confesses to having HIV and spreading it on campus – Watch Video

Four University of Ghana female students have reportedly confessed to an Uber driver that they were infected with HIV by a wealthy man with whom they had engaged in a threesome.

The chilling account shared by the driver revealed that the ladies were discussing ways to seek revenge during their ride to the hospital for a medical test.

One of them suggested infecting the man’s sons with the virus, but another convinced her against it. The driver, offering advice, suggested managing the virus instead. Additionally, the girls mentioned that the man had promised them a significant financial reward.

The driver stated, “When they were in the car, they were discussing what the way forward should be. One of them suggested they infect the man’s sons with the virus but another one convinced her it was not a good idea.

I suggested to them that they should just try to manage the virus rather additionally, he disclosed that the girls had shared that the man had promised them a substantial financial reward. seek revenge.”


nana Afia

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