33 dead popular Ghanaian actors and actress – Video

Ghana has one of the best film industries in Africa. When on stage, Ghanaian actors and actresses exude raw creativity, expertise, and boundless energy.

That is why it is so painful to hear about deceased Ghanaian stars. Acting, unlike many other professions, does not have a certain retirement date.

Actors will continue to work well into their eighties and nineties. When actors die in their 20s or just before they begin their careers, it is typically a tragic event.

Looking at the list of deceased Ghanaian actors and actresses is heartbreaking. Many people died tragically young, shortly after starting their careers.

It is never a good thing to see someone is talent squandered by death.

a list of the deceased Actors and actresses from Ghana The deaths of Ghanaian actors and actresses in recent years have left a large void that is still being filled. Here are ten that will be remembered for a long time:

  • Kwame Owusu, a talented musician, died at the age of 39. The man was well-known for his acting abilities and contributions to the film industry in various fields. By the time he died, he was one of Ghana’s most well-known actors. Kwame was an author, a teacher, a radio host, and a public relations expert. In 2008, he died at the height of his career. A car crash was the cause of his death. He appeared in over 60 films during his career.
  • Many Ghanaians are now grieving the loss of actors such as Bernard Nyarko. Many Ghanaian film fans were shocked to learn of the Kumasi-based actor’s death. In May 2020, the singer, comedian, and gospel preacher passed away. After a brief illness, Bernard Nyarko passed away. He appeared in films such as Hero: Service to Humanity, John and John, and Sidechic Gang at the height of his success.
  • Bob Santo was a nickname given to John Eans by many of his fans. The actor was a well-known face in Akan films, and he was well-liked for his parts in which he was outspoken and excellent. He was regarded as one of Kumawood’s most valuable stars. 419, Double Sense, Efiewura, Marijata, and Abawa Mary are only a few of the notable films in which he has appeared. At the age of 67, the well-known actor died in 2002.
  • Mac Jordan Amartey was one of the Kumawood actors who recently passed away. If you are a fan of Kumawood and Ghanaian films, you will know that Mac Jordan Amartey, or Sugar Daddy as he was affectionately known by his fans, was adored by everyone. Many people were shocked when he died suddenly in 2018. Mac made a name for himself in the acting world thanks to his flawless performance and extensive vocabulary. Matters of the Heart (1993), The Returnee 2 (1995), Victim of Love (1998), and Black Star (2001) are some of his notable films (2006).
  • Sussy Williams, a stunning and sassy Ghanaian actress, had so much talent before death took her from her family and fans. In 2005, the actress died in a traffic crash when she was just 23 years old. Sussy has previously appeared in films such as The Comforter, Mother’s Heart, Bloody Mary, and Calamity. Her passing, just when she was reaching the pinnacle of her career, was a major blow to Ghana’s film industry. She left a space that has yet to be filled.
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Fans will still recall deceased Ghanaian actors through the films in which they starred prior to their deaths. Overall, a successful film can cause audiences to have lasting discussions decades after it has been released.

watch a video of all the 33 dead Ghanaian actors below;