Son Brutalised and Left Unconscious for Choosing Football over ‘Makaranta’

A Ghanaian teenage boy is currently hospitalized and receiving treatment after a shocking incident where he was violently beaten by his own father. The victim, Alhassan Abdul-Rauf, is a talented under-13 soccer player for Soccer Heroes FC in Bole, Northern Ghana.

According to an eyewitness, the incident took place during a league game between Bole Soccer Heroes FC and Bole Peace FC at Kurabaso Park on August 13, 2023. In the midst of the football match, Abdul-Rauf’s father instructed him to stop playing. The obedient young boy complied, but to his horror, his father began to physically assault him.

Witnesses reported that the father slapped, beat, lifted, and threw Abdul-Rauf to the ground. Despite the intervention of bystanders, including elderly men and Chiefs, the father persisted in his brutal attack. He continuously asserted his perceived right to discipline his son, vehemently rejecting any attempt to stop him.

Eventually, Abdul-Rauf lost consciousness due to the severe beating. Promptly, he was rushed to the Bole District hospital, where medical professionals promptly attended to him. Upon regaining consciousness, the young player revealed that his father’s anger stemmed from his desire for Abdul-Rauf to focus on his studies rather than pursuing a football career.

Abdul-Rauf expressed his aspirations of becoming a professional footballer and representing Ghana on an international level in the future. The football community in Bole District is deeply saddened by this incident and hopes that both the Ghana Football Association and human rights institutions will take up this case. The shocking assault on a promising young player demonstrates the urgent need for intervention and protection of children’s rights within the sporting community.


Effah Gideon

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