Ghanaians react to Mzgee’s fight with Arnold and Mr Logic on live TV, longing for Mcbrown, the best.

Ghanaians are expressing their nostalgia for former host Nana Ama Mcbrown as Mzgee faces criticism just months after taking over as the host of UTV’s united showbiz program. Mzgee has recently had clashes with two of the show’s regular pundits, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo and Mr. Logic. Critics argue that Mcbrown was better, more mature, and professional than Mzgee.

The first clash occurred a few months ago when Arnold criticized Mzgee and compared her to Mcbrown, stating that she wasn’t doing her job well. He believed that Mzgee’s attitude of letting guests say whatever they want contributed to their frequent quarrels. More recently, Mzgee and Mr. Logic clashed during a discussion on the stagnation of the music industry. Mzgee interrupted Mr. Logic and dismissed his dialogue as “nonfa,” sparking an emotional response from him.

Mr. Logic accused Mzgee of unprofessional behavior and emphasized his expertise and experience in the industry. He also highlighted his larger social media following compared to Mzgee. Throughout the altercation, Mzgee maintained her composure, although her facial expressions showed surprise and bemusement.

This on-air altercation has raised questions about etiquette and professionalism in the media realm, particularly when discussing matters of expertise. It serves as a reminder that maintaining decorum and valuing diverse viewpoints is crucial for healthy and informative discussions in the dynamic landscape of entertainment talk shows.


Effah Gideon

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