Zionfelix’s baby Mama, Erica Wildly Reacts After he was spotted in France with a beautiful lady

Erica, Zionfelix’s Italian borga baby mom, has mysteriously appeared on social media after the blogger was sighted with another woman.

Zionfelix is in France to interview a Ghanaian lady, and some of the images he took with her are currently circulating on social media.

The photographs show Zion posing with his interviewee while wearing the most absurd winter jacket ever.

Not surprisingly, as soon as Ghanaians saw the photographs, they began to speculate on whether Zion is interested in making the lovely girl his next baby mom.

Ghanaians are now so fascinated by Zionfelix’s womanizing that every time he is seen with another woman, doubts begin to be raised.

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With everyone wondering if he’ll impregnate this lady as well, Erica, his first baby mama, has come out to stake her claim.

Erica unexpectedly published a snapshot on Instagram to remind folks that she is still alive and well and the co-rightful owner of Zionfelix.

She added a cryptic caption to her photo: “When someone tells you that you are different, smile, raise your head and be proud..#confúcio,”

Take a look at her post below…

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