Yvonne Nelson exposes Ahoufe Patri and Co, claims slim tea and waist trainers are fake

Yvonne Nelson has launched a barrage of missiles at Princess Shyngle, accusing her of inadvertently influencing the youth with her waist trainer foolishness.

In Ghana, Princess Shyngle is recognized as the godmother of waist trainers. Her ludicrous figure is a result of years of wearing waist trainers.

She earns a decent business selling waist trainers and other goods connected to female body shape with that figure. That irritates Yvonne Nelson.

According to her, no product on the market — no waist trainer, slimming tea, or anything else – can provide you with the tapoli figure that so many women desire.

The ‘tapoli’ body is a unique Princess Shyngle form that defies physics: a pin-thin waist, a non-existent stomach, and belly, but enormous hips, buttocks, and breasts.

It has become a ‘desirable’ physique for which many women are willing to die. People selling these goods, not only waist trainers for the tapoli form, but slimming tea, concoctions to burn stomach fat, and a whole lot more, have flooded social media.

The majority of these concoctions are purchased from unknown online merchants, and no one knows if they have been evaluated and approved by the FDA.

That is the risk that Yvonne is warning about in her tweet, which she sent out on July 12th, 2021.

Yvonne Nelson posted;

“Before we go to church, lemme say this…baby gyal,no slimming tea / waist trainer is gonna give you no TAPOLI / snatched body,stop letting these companies / influencers fool you. Two people, a doctor or your mum and one place , the gym can give you that body,”

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