Yvonne Nelson Allowed You To Chop Her Even If She Was Ashâwô – Kevin Taylor Heavily Descends On Sarkodie (Video)

–  Controversial journalist Kevin Taylor criticizes rapper Sarkodie for his recent attacks on Yvonne Nelson.
– Kevin Taylor’s opinion: Taylor believes Sarkodie’s diss track was childish and silly.
– Yvonne Nelson’s memoir: Nelson reveals Sarkodie’s irresponsible behavior towards her, including getting her pregnant and abandoning her.
– Sarkodie’s response: Sarkodie retaliates with a diss track, labeling Nelson as promiscuous.
– Backlash: Sarkodie faces criticism for disrespecting women, and people question how he would feel if the same was done to his own daughter.
–  The article highlights the ongoing controversy and calls for a better handling of such issues.

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Controversial Ghanaian journalist, Kevin Taylor, has recently expressed his strong disapproval of rapper Sarkodie’s derogatory remarks towards actress Yvonne Nelson. In a scathing diss track, Sarkodie attempted to shame Nelson, but Taylor deemed it immature and senseless. Taylor further asserted that it was an honor for Sarkodie to have been romantically involved with Nelson and that the situation should have been handled more gracefully.

Yvonne Nelson’s memoir, which has gained significant attention, sheds light on Sarkodie’s alleged irresponsibility. The memoir vividly depicts Sarkodie as a man who impregnated Nelson but subsequently abandoned her without any concern for her well-being. Nelson even claims that Sarkodie coerced her into terminating the pregnancy. These revelations have stirred up emotions and sparked controversy.

In response to Nelson’s memoir, Sarkodie released a diss track in which he labeled her as a promiscuous lady. This move only intensified the backlash against Sarkodie, with many criticizing him for vilifying Nelson and disrespecting women in general. People questioned how Sarkodie would feel if someone treated his own daughter, Titi, in a similar manner.

It is crucial to address such sensitive issues with empathy and respect. Disparaging individuals, especially women, through music or any other means, only perpetuates harmful stereotypes and undermines the progress made towards gender equality. The public outcry against Sarkodie’s actions serves as a reminder for public figures to exercise responsibility and promote positive values through their influence.

In conclusion, the ongoing controversy surrounding Sarkodie’s attacks on Yvonne Nelson highlights the need for better handling of personal disputes. It is essential for individuals, especially those in the public eye, to consider the consequences of their actions and words. Respecting others, regardless of their gender, is a fundamental principle that should guide our interactions and discussions.

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