Young Nigerian lady goes mad after coming to Ghana to do ‘Ashawo’

After arriving in Ghana, a Nigerian young lady was discovered to be out of her senses.

Ngodoo Aondongu was the name of the woman whose tale was published on Facebook by media personality Ukan Kurugh.

He said that Ngodoo is a native of Makurdi’s North Bank neighborhood and pleaded with internet users to assist in reuniting her with her family.

According to evidence acquired, Ngodoo was transferred to Ghana for prostitution, but when she refused, she was charmed.

She scarcely recognizes any of them. A guy described the lady’s predicament in Ukan’s article and claimed to have discovered her identity as Esther. The man claimed she could not talk, eat, or recognize anyone.

He revealed;

 “I met this girl in Ghana. According to discovery or information gotten, they brought her for prostitution but she refused. That they have made her to take an oath, that her name is Esther, that she’s from Benue state.

“I don’t know if anybody would recognise this face. Please anybody that recognises this face please help this girl out, she is stranded. As she is now, she can’t talk, she can’t understand or recognise anybody. They have used her brain. As in, she is senseless now. She’s just dormant. She can’t even talk, She can’t even eat…”

“Pls figure her out so they can send her back home. She is right here in Accra, Ghana and cannot recognise anybody.”

Young Nigerian lady goes mad after coming to Ghana to do ‘Ashawo’

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