“Young men have been coming to me to show them how to do money rituals”- Yul Edochie

Nigeria actor Yul Edochie has complained about how people use the character and roles he plays in movies to judge him.

He revealed that the youth has been coming to him to show them the way to riches using money rituals.

Yul Edochie is irritated that his followers are unable to blur the lines between his films and real life after he said that he has been receiving letters from some of them pleading with him to show them how to generate money through rituals.

Some people have been asking him how they may change their fate with money rituals as he does in movies because of his background, according to the actor, who has garnered international recognition for expertly portraying occultic roles.

They are begging Yul to show them where they can do money rituals, but he continues to assure them that he is not into money rituals, and that what they see in movies is only a plot, not who he is in real life.

He wrote about his dissatisfaction with the situation.

“Some people are sending me messages begging me to show them where they can do money rituals. Come on now guys, come on.

Na film I dey act. Just like American action films where one man will defeat a whole city of bad guys. Na storyline be that, e no dey happen. Is it now a crime to be a good actor? Make I no chop??? Na wa for una oo.”

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