Young Lady Recreates Burna Boy’s Face with Fufu – See Photos

– Unidentified lady uses fufu to recreate Burna Boy’s face
– Social media users praise her creativity while others call it disrespectful
– The fufu artwork generates attention and discussion online
– The debate over whether the artwork is disrespectful or harmless continues

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Have you ever thought of using food to create art? Well, an unidentified lady in Nigeria has done just that. She used fufu, a popular Nigerian food, to recreate the face of Grammy-award winning singer Burna Boy. The artwork has gone viral on social media with many people praising the lady’s creativity.

However, not everyone is impressed. Some people have expressed disapproval of the artwork, calling it disrespectful. They argue that it is wrong to use fufu, a food that is often eaten, to represent a person’s face.

Despite the mixed reactions, the fufu artwork has continued to generate attention and discussion online. It remains to be seen whether the lady’s creativity will be seen as disrespectful or simply a harmless way to express her admiration for Burna Boy.

In conclusion, art can be created using anything, even food. While some may see the fufu artwork as disrespectful, others see it as a unique form of expression.


Effah Gideon

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