Young Female soldier shoots her senior male colleague to death at a checkpoint

A tragic incident occurred at a checkpoint in Yola, the state capital of Adamawa, where a female soldier enforcing the curfew imposed by the government took the life of a senior colleague.

Lance Corporal Nkiru, as she is known, allegedly shot a captain who attempted to mediate in her altercation with civilians at the Fire Service Round About.

According to eyewitnesses, the female soldier adamantly insisted that motorists returning home during the curfew hours should turn back, even when some identified themselves as essential workers. Despite their explanations, she stood her ground.

A captain stepped forward to intervene, but unfortunately, it was too late. Lance Corporal Nkiru had already cocked her rifle, leading to an accidental discharge that claimed the captain’s life.

The victim was swiftly rushed to the Federal Medical Centre in Yola, where his death was confirmed. The suspect, the female soldier, was immediately arrested and taken away by fellow soldiers. T

his incident has shed light on previous allegations of the soldier harassing civilians and unnecessarily brandishing her weapon.

The curfew had been imposed by Governor Ahmadu Fintiri after hoodlums had broken into government warehouses, looting various items, including palliatives intended to alleviate the impact of fuel subsidies.

The tragic outcome at the checkpoint has left the community in shock and mourning, as an investigation into the incident is expected to take place.


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