You will run away from the country, If we show you your biological father – Relative of Yvonne Nelson Speaks

– Mr. Amoako reveals the potential consequences of disclosing the truth about Yvonne Nelson’s father

– He expresses concern over the negative impact of Yvonne’s book on their family
– Mr. Amoako claims to know the whereabouts of Yvonne’s father
– He emphasizes the need for Yvonne to exercise patience and avoid disgracing her mother
– Yvonne Nelson risks being ostracized by her family due to certain details in her book
– The family has been facing disgrace and holding multiple meetings since the release of the book
– Yvonne’s mother has been admitted to the hospital due to the stress caused by the situation
– Mr. Amoako highlights the negative consequences faced by the entire family because of Yvonne’s actions
– Social media backlash has become a curse for the family

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In an audio recording that has been circulating online, Mr. Amoako, a relative close to Yvonne Nelson’s mother, Madam Margaret, has shed light on the potential consequences that may arise if the truth about Yvonne’s father is revealed. He expresses his concern over the turmoil that Yvonne’s recently released book has caused within their family, emphasizing the need for patience and understanding.

Mr. Amoako goes on to claim that he possesses knowledge of Yvonne’s father’s whereabouts. However, he fears that if this information is disclosed and Yvonne becomes aware of her father’s identity, she may choose to flee the country. This revelation could potentially disrupt the lives of Yvonne and her family, causing further distress and turmoil.

The release of Yvonne’s book has not only affected her mother but also the entire family. Mr. Amoako reveals that derogatory comments from the public on social media have led to the family being disgraced and has sparked numerous family meetings. The situation has taken a toll on Madam Margaret’s health, as she has been admitted to the hospital due to high blood pressure. The gravity of the situation is becoming increasingly worrisome.

While Yvonne may believe that she is disgracing her mother by revealing certain details in her book, Mr. Amoako emphasizes that it is the entire family that suffers the consequences. The family’s reputation has been tarnished, and people on social media continue to run them down. The negative impact has reached such a level that it feels like a curse hanging over their heads.

In conclusion, the revelation of Yvonne Nelson’s father’s identity has the potential to cause significant upheaval and distress within her family. The consequences, both for Yvonne and her loved ones, are severe. It is crucial for Yvonne to exercise patience and consider the wider implications of her actions to avoid further harm to her family.



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