“You have to lose weight”- Fans tell PM after she was asked to pay for two seats in trotro.

Precious Mensah, often known as PM in the entertainment industry, has been advised by fans to lose weight because she is “wallowing in dirt.”

When she was interviewed by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for their BBC Pidgin show, that was one of the bits of advice she received. The overweight Ghanaian superstar provided viewers an insight into her personality and how she came to be so large.

When boarding a trotro, a bus conductor (trotro mate) once embarrassed her by informing her she needed to pay for two seats due to her enormous size.

The interview was enthusiastically received by viewers around Africa, particularly Nigerians, who flocked to give her advice on how to defeat obesity.

@ Great Precious Nneoma: Biko nne,don’t feel relaxed in dirts. You need to work on yourself, ur good health and life is actually at stake here.

@Jennifer Freedom: Wait o i don’t understand and i really need to get it right. You mean if you enter public transport you were actually expecting to pay for one seat? Na wao please you people should be considerate at times shaa haba.

@Olivia Jacobs:The truth is fat in excess is bad and has a lots of ill related problems. We plus size shaaa dey quick vex if they tell us the truth. But for real I am an advocate for weight loss please. Don’t be skinny but be healthy with those flesh .periodt

@Dela Sikadzi: Her words are saying one thing, but the camera angles are saying something else. I want to say so many things, but I know it is better to keep quiet. She has a point, though. Lots of things are organised based on commercial reasons. That is wrong because it excludes so many people. I am tall. I hate that my leg hits the seat in front of me when I’m travelling by air. Also, my head seems to touch the roof of most cars. But we also need to remember that there are few people like her. I don’t know if you get my point. My weight is 109kg, yet I was told to slim down at the hospital two days ago. So there is health too to consider. Let’s not lie to ourselves even as we try to fight against body shaming. I’ve said my own.

@Salieu Zaal: Beautiful bbe you need to work on your beautiful body to to helped yourself to achieved your dreams of been in international movies you need people along d way and some of dis ppl will not like to risked your life or might even tink u cnt do wat dey want u to do, as you say ppl judge you most of d tim. Dtz d world we livin, do it 4 d sake of your career u dream of.

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