“You have a dirty brand, i can help you clean it”- Kweku Smoke fires strongman

Rapper Kweku Smoke and strongman are on the verge of igniting a beef that will be very exciting.

Kweku in an earlier post praised sarkodie for having a good heart and even supporting strongman after he sold him out.

He tweeted; “I know the feeling highest but am happy you be one focused person you do what you want do for others regardless if Enoe be so like strongman e song sef unoe go tweet again..U follow Gh people aa somebody Dey die sef u go lef am make e die..we the young ones Dey appreciate u .”

This comment made strongman angry and he called kweku a fake person and asked him not to drag his name in a useless argument.

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“Fake people always trying to prove their loyalty outside
What you heard might even be the opposite of what happened
Let this be the last time you drag my name in your useless arguments .” strongman tweeted.

Kweku Smoke has responded to strongman again, saying he meant no harm with his earlier post but strongman’s response has angred him, he said strongman has a dirty brand and he can help him clean it.

“Strongman? Mtcheew see I mean no harm in my tweet but go take the angry emoji from there Edey bore me…wo brand koraa y3 me tan Anoe get ur time but I fit help promote your afuom album tho …ur mind Dey ?.” – Smoke fired.

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see the screenshot below.